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Audio & Video  Conversions

Audio Transfers   Starting at $20.00

        CDs Direct uses state of the art equipment to transfer your old vinyl records, cassettes, magnetic tape, DAT, 8- tracks, reel to reels and other audio media onto a compact disc or create MP3 files for your other devices.  Your audio is digitally enhanced. We can remove scratch noise, hisses and other sounds related to older type media.  What you leave with is a nice, clean version of your music. 

 Video Transfers    Starting at $30.00

         Do you have old memories on VHS, 8mm film, 16mm film, or Beta SPs? Or Digital BetaCam, drives, DVCam, Mini DVs that you would like to transfer to DVDs?  We can transfer almost any media to a high quality DVD.  Need a menu to go with that?  We can provide a menu, time codes, and chapters.  Before those memories fade away, transfer them to a DVD, so you can keep them forever.


Media types suitable for transfer:

Video Formats Audio Formats  
  •  VHS
  •  8mm film
  •  16mm film
  •  Super 8
  •  High 8
  •  Mini DV
  •  DVCAM
  •  HDV
  •  DVC Pro
  •  Beta SP
  •  Digital Beta Cam
  •   U-matic
  •  TC30
  •  Betamax
  •  Super VHS
  •  Optical Disc


  •  Vinyl records
  •  Cassettes
  •  Magnetic tape
  •  DAT
  •  8-Tracks
  •  Reel to Reel
  •  Mini Disc


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